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Avante Mover is the ideal choice for hassle-free packing and moving services in Singapore. With years of experience, our team offer smooth moving and packing solutions to customers. Also, we customize the services based on our clients’ specific requirements. This implies that we can be relied on for our reputation for efficiency, reliability, and client satisfaction.

Importantly, we consider the need for a seamless transition wherever you are moving. Our professional movers ensure careful packing, secure transit, and prompt delivery. We do residential and commercial relocations both locally and internationally in addition to local moves. Our significance in the industry is measured by the numerous awards and satisfied customers we serve!

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What do Avante Mover do?

Avante Mover provide excellent relocation services to meet various requirements of our clients. Here are some crucial things we offer

  • Professional Packing: We use high-quality materials to pack your belongings with utmost care and attention to detail that ensure the safety of your items during transit.
  • Efficient Transportation: We use modern vehicles equipped with advanced technology that provide secure and effective transportation of your belongings to their destination.
  • Customised Solutions: Our professional movers in Singapore knows that every move is unique. That's why we provide customised moving solutions to meet specific requirements.
  • Timely Delivery: Our commitment to punctuality ensures your belongings will reach timely to destination, minimise downtime, and disruptions to schedule.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our team is dedicated to addressing any concerns or questions of our clients during the relocation process as we focus on customer satisfaction.

What Services We Offer?

House Moving Service

Moving your house is a stressful situation but with Avante Mover you can breathe. We offer smooth transitions to guarantee your belongings arrive at your new homes promptly and safely. From packing to getting your belongings to the desired location, our professional movers and packers in Singapore take care of every step of the procedure. Select Avante Mover for a hassle-free house relocation!

What we offer:

  • Professional packing services
  • Secure transportation
  • Customised moving solutions
  • Timely delivery
  • Personalised customer support
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Office Moving Service

For business owners, moving their office can be somewhat troublesome.  Avante Mover manages the office transition with ease with their excellent office moving services in Singapore. We have years of experience with company moves that maximise productivity and save downtime. You may concentrate on what really important for your business while our team of skilled movers packs, moves, and unpacks your belongings. Trust Avante Mover for a seamless office move!

What we offer:

  • Customised planning
  • Professional office items packing
  • Timely transportation
  • Minimal disruption
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Furniture Moving Service

Furniture is an essential element in every space. It’s important to ensure safe and efficient transportation when it comes to furniture moving. Whether moving a house or an office, our team of movers and packers in Singapore offers effective and safe moving services. Our modern equipment ensures that your furniture will arrive at its destination in flawless condition. Contact Avante Mover for your furniture moving requirements!

What we offer:

  • Professional furniture handling
  • Specialised equipment for loading
  • Timely delivery
  • Customer support
  • Personalised moving solutions
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Why Choose Avante Mover?

Expertise Personalized Approach Reliability Transparency
Our professional movers are highly experienced that ensure the efficient and secure packing, loading, transportation and unpacking of belongings. We work closely with our clients to tailor our services to meet specific needs as we know every move is different. We handle your belongings with care, and deliver them to your new destination safely and timely. Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees that ensure you know what to expect from the beginning.
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We charge by per 15ft truck load.

Pro-rated half load, 3/4 load and full load, Additional charges applies to split Location, Stairs usage, long distance push and Delicate items.

Yes. We provide 30 Free boxes, Tapes and Markers.

For Disposal, we need to do a free on-site quotation base on the items as disposal ground charge us by the total weight.

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