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As everyone knows, moving to a new home can be both an exciting and challenging experience. Hiring an expert house moving company might help you simplify things. Avante Movers is the leading house moving company in Singapore. We offer trustworthy and affordable moving services to our clients. Our team has years of expertise in securely moving your valuable items to your new house.

Home Moving Services

6 Factors for Selecting the Best House Moving Services

Research the company’s reputation by reading testimonials and reviews.
Look for a moving firm with several years of relevant experience. This is significant as they have the expertise and skills needed to manage your move.
Services Provided:
Consider the variety of services a moving company provides. Also, make sure they offer all the services you need, such as loading, packing, moving, and unpacking.
Insurance Coverage:
You have to make sure the moving company provides adequate insurance to protect your possessions while they’re in transit.
Licence and Accreditation:
Verify the appropriate licence and accreditation of the moving firm. This guarantees that they follow laws and industry standards.
Cost and Transparency:
Compare the price structures of several house moving services in Singapore and ask for detailed estimates. Also, ensure the pricing is transparent, including any extra costs or charges.


What Does Our Home Moving Services in Singapore Include?

  • Pre-move Planning: Before moving, we will conduct an in-depth consultation with you to learn about your expectations. On this basis, we will develop a moving plan that suits your preferences and budget.
  • Packing and Labelling: Next, our team will pack and label your things to ensure their safe arrival in your new home. We will use high-end packaging to safeguard delicate items and ensure all things are firmly fastened.
  • Loading and Transportation: After putting everything in boxes and adequately labelling, we will load your belongings onto our moving trucks and transport them swiftly and safely to your new home. A driver with vast experience in the city or town will be able to negotiate the busy intercity very easily.
  • Unloading and Unpacking: Finally, our team will offload your items at your new home, unpack them, and deliver them to the designated rooms. We complete all the task quickly so that you can feel at ease at your new home.
  • Furniture Assembly: We can help with other assembly activities if it’s necessary. Our professional movers handle every kind of furniture whether its bed, sofa, wardrobe, and dining table. We will put everything together properly.
  • Final Check: At the end of the process, we will check if we have unpacked and assembled all items in the best possible way. Our team is dedicated that will answer all your questions and solve all your problems.

Avante Mover House Moving Service in Singapore

  • Professional Packing

Our skilled movers are trained in professional packing. Whatever your things may be, you can count on us to supply you with the best materials to keep them safe while on the go. We give particular handling and packaging to everything in your possession, from fragile items to heavy furniture.

  • Secure Transportation

We load all your valuable belongings in our modern vehicles equipped with advanced features. This will guarantee that your belongings reach at their destination quickly and safely. During the entire process, you dont need to worry about.

  • On-time Delivery

When it comes to house moving, time is very important. This is where our professional movers ensure your items move to your new house at the scheduled time. No matter where the relocation is, we will deliver your things on time.

  • Professional Unpacking

We will carefully unpack and arrange your things in your new home after we have delivered them. You may move into your new home and unpack your belongings more quickly with our movers’ assistance.

  • Furniture Disassembly and Assembly

As our movers have the expertise to install any furniture, we also offer furniture assembly and disassembly services. You can relax and sit back while professional movers handle everything.

  • Storage Solutions

We can help if you’re troubling to temporarily store your stuff. Our storage options ensure the safety of your belongings until you’re ready to transfer them to their new location.


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